The consultancy side of Open Frequency is a key strength. This side to the company largely concerns our skills and experience which have expanded through our game and software development background, and some of the more ad hoc work we have been involved in.

Rapid prototyping is an invaluable string to our bow at Open Frequency. Getting the foundations functioning to a high degree is essential before adding more complex features, and all the ‘bells and whistles’ to make a project stand out.

Gamification and Incentivisation is a broad area covering the wealth of game development methodologies applied within a range of different fields. Given our history, our skills in driving user engagement through intricate experience design are invaluable to any project.

Finally Open Frequency has the capacity to help you resolve any project rescue issues which may arise.

Rapid Prototyping

Crafting exceptional user experiences through a synergy between technical and artistic disciplines is a demanding and highly skilled challenge which has become a major strength at Open Frequency. This is due to our history of solving the complex technical and creative problems within game development.
We have become adept at creating a solid core functionality within our projects, providing smooth user interaction, and then expanding on the development to bring the entire project vision into a coherent whole. Putting this theory into practice involves piecing together a functional prototype quickly, allowing for heavy iteration, and then building upon these foundations. At Open Frequency we have become exceptionally skilled at rapid prototyping.

Gamification & Incentivisation

We have brought the demanding skills and problem solving aspects within video game development into other sectors, covering a wide range of software development. We utilise the compelling aspects of games, otherwise known as ‘gamification’, to drive user incentivisation within non-game software projects. This, in itself, covers a broad spectrum. Our work has ranged from outright games with underlying motives, to more traditional applications enhanced by the use of gamification and games technology. The purpose of the software also varies considerably, with research and educational projects in our portfolio.

Project rescue

Over the years we have come to know the harsh reality that not every project runs as smoothly as intended. Many unforeseen circumstances can lead to projects becoming derailed. This is where Open Frequency has the capabilities to step in to get things back on track.
Our versatility and experience has provided us with the skills and capability to work with partially built systems, and rescue failing projects to minimise costs.


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