At Open Frequency we are here to cater to your needs as a business, and a strong brand will put you in the driving seat. We provide a top quality corporate branding package along with professional logo design. However, our design speciality is bringing your concept to life with our comprehensive prototyping service.

It is said that a picture says a thousand words, so by extension a prototype software application must say considerably more. Often it is prudent to have some type of tangible artefact for a project even before full development begins. This is somewhat of a contradiction as well as a challenge, and something we can help you tackle at Open Frequency with our tried and tested methods for quickly producing prototype concepts to represent larger final products.

Concept Prototyping

Software Development can be an expensive undertaking, often requiring external funding or investment. The best way to sell your idea is to provide a demonstrator of the complete product.

At Open Frequency we utilise a wide range of technologies such as Marvel App, Invision and Adobe XD to develop a prototype you can use to sell your concept to great effect. This will allow funding partners to have a hands-on experience with it without a single line of code needing to be written. 
Prototyping can be used to help identify any potential UX issues at the concept stage rather than during development thereby saving you time and money.

Logo Design

A logo says a lot about a company and can very often be the first exposure a potential customer has to your business. We understand that, especially in new ventures, you need to keep costs low and therefore perhaps consider professional branding currently out of reach, however that need not be the case. At Open Frequency we offer a range of personalised packages to suit both your needs and budget to ensure your company always looks professional.
Whether you are a new venture or an established brand that thinks it's time for a refresh, our experienced design team at Open Frequency can help. We will work to fully understand your company’s objectives, values and vision to craft a stunning logo which successfully communicates them to your customers.

Corporate Branding

Open Frequency provides a complete corporate branding service including brand guidelines, stationery, stock photography, email signatures and everything else you require. Our design team will work closely with you to identify exactly what you need for maximum impact and provide you with a leg-up over the competition.
We will create everything you require from vector recreations of your logo suitable for screen and print to mock-ups so that you can see your new branding in real life settings such as on signage and clothing.
All the guidelines required to ensure that anyone using your company logo does so in a manner consistent to your brand and its messaging will be provided. 


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