We develop applications across mobile and web platforms, building software to the highest standards, ultimately giving your project the best possible chance at success. Beneath the surface, we are adept at developing robust backend systems to complement any project.

We have honed our approach by working with partners from a wide range of sectors, maintaining regular communication, particularly during the pre-production phase of projects. This stage tends to involve extensive research at our end to fully understand your goals, followed by an iterative approach to yield the smoothest development process possible, essentially giving you – our partner – the greatest return on investment.

We are always looking ahead to the next challenge. If you have a project or concept you would like to bring to life, we are ready to become your development partner.

Web Applications

Technology is advancing at an exponential pace, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of web applications. A small app of today might be the foundation of a billion-dollar company.
To keep up with this frantic pace you need applications that are built with the best of today’s technologies, ensuring you are ready for any challenges that tomorrow might bring. This is why we not only employ cutting edge tools and technologies but also make a point of working as closely as possible with our partners to anticipate change before it happens, and build systems that are ready to handle it: we build for the future.

Mobile Development

Close to 2.5 billion users, 90 billion downloads, and a combined total of nearly £75 billion in revenue for publishers – there is no doubt that the mobile market is a lucrative place to be. But operating within a market of this scale presents big challenges: with more than 25,000 different mobile devices on the market today, building a mobile app requires a large amount of skill and expertise.

Fortunately, here at Open Frequency we have plenty of both with over 6 years of experience in building applications for phones and tablets, working across platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. We know how to avoid the common pitfalls of developing apps for the mobile space, and by using innovative cross-platform solutions we are able to work in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner, all the way from the initial concept to launch and beyond.

Backend Development

Scalability, Reliability, and Security. These are the three core values Open Frequency holds when it comes to developing robust backend systems. Having developed everything from simple cloud-based file storage systems to complex HIPAA compliant solutions for processing medical data, we build infrastructure that is ready to support your success.
In today’s market backend systems need to be highly scalable. If your application experiences a significant spike in usage, and you are suddenly faced with the challenge of handling hundreds of thousands of new users, firing tens of thousands of requests at your servers every minute you'll need a system that can scale rapidly. That's what we provide.


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