We are a highly skilled team of experts in business and technology development. Our individual specialisms cover technical, organisational, regulatory, legal, corporate, sales and funding areas. In addition, we have a strong network of technical and investment contacts who can further enhance and extend our capability.

Individually, we have been involved in the growth and launch of dozens of products and businesses across a wide range of sectors. 

Together that experience multiplies our value far more than the sum of its parts. Over the years, we have seen that many people have good and market-changing ideas, but have no way to access the skills needed to turn those good ideas into great businesses. We realised this was a gap that needed to be filled. Here was an opportunity within the early-stage business space to help people with a full-service technology accelerator, so we got together to pool our talent into a single focused entity able to deploy the full range of specialisms needed to supercharge innovation.


Mark Roger

Mark has worked at director level within the technology sector for over 15 years, with a background in commercialisation of Software technology companies. He has experience and expertise in SaaS business modelling, investment strategy, growth funding and wholesale business change. Mark has led M&A activity for a global software acquisition vehicle, led a technology investment fund and currently acts as director and non exec director for several tech start-ups.


Dr Gavin Scruby

Gavin is a highly qualified and experienced board-level CIO/CTO who has brought numerous successful products to market in diverse technology areas. He has worked with start-ups, SMEs and blue chips, and has created novel products from initial concept as well as helping deliver some of the largest banking and government projects in Europe. He has experience in everything from embedded digital circuits to massively-scaled military and banking installations. His background ranges across technical, organisational, regulatory and management areas with a strong focus on building technology organisations and defining product strategy

Jonathan Hill

Jonathan is a successful technology entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of award-winning 1minus1, a highly successful web and mobile agency working with clients including Vodafone, Toyota, Honeywell Group, HP and CBRE. He is a former Director and still a shareholder of Digi.me, a successful technology startup invested in by Swiss Re and one of the founders of eBay. During his time at 1minus1 he has also established interests in several successful technology startups, focusing on offering mobile and Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions. 

Charlie Czerkawski

Charlie is a qualified mathematician, with over 10 years experience in the software and video game industry. Charlie has a background in video game testing, including a period working on the world renowned Grand Theft Auto series. He specialises in applying game design and development methodologies to solve different problems within a variety of industries. His role covers various aspects of projects including vision keeping, system design, balancing, creative writing, quality assurance, marketing and business development.


Alex Zeitler

Alex has been an acting CTO for the better half of a decade. Originally hailing from a games industry background, he is an expert at rapid prototyping and agile software development. Leading a team of highly skilled developers, he has experience working with a large variety of technologies, ranging from full stack web development to mobile games and applications as well as software for desktop and VR. He has a reputation for being a thorough researcher that gets into the most complex topics to deliver the best possible solution for any given task.

Mark Hastings

Mark is the CEO of a Games and Software Development Studio, a Director of the Scotland branch of IGDA and sits on the Advisory Panel of The Computer Games Journal. He has led development of various products from concept to completion and launch and overseen and managed the business development and growth of a well-known development studio for more than five years.

Alan Stuart

Alan is a projects lawyer based in Edinburgh with over 25 years experience in assisting clients to achieve their goals. Alan specialises in projects and development work and deals with IT as well as commercial contracts. Alan acts and has acted for major retailers, telecommunications clients, further education organisations, life sciences companies and space sciences organisations. Alan is a member of the Society for Computers and Law and is a Member of the International Institute of Space Law; he is also a Writer to Her Majesty's Signet. Alan is a consultant/adviser to other law firms.


Matt Zanetti

Matt started his career as an interior architect working on projects such as the RBS International Headquarters and large scale Urban Regeneration projects in the West of Scotland. After retraining in 2010 Matt focused his skills on the digital sector co-founding and acting as CCO in a Games and Software development studio. Matt’s skill base allows him to turn his hand to many different facets of design such as; corporate branding, UI and UX design as well as more specialised sub-divisions of art such as 3d modelling, animation and video editing. Matt also has a great interest in gaming systems and how they can be successfully be applied to other industries through processes of Gamification and Incentivisation.