Each year we offer a limited number of places for receptive clients to join our technology incubator. As part of the launchpad we negotiate an equity stake in the business for massively reduced development costs, ideal for dedicated and motivated founders with limited resources.

We normally get involved at a pre-revenue stage to apply our full suite of product and business skills to prepare a business for next stage funding or full operations.

Typically, we will help define suitable corporate and legal structures, perform market analysis to make sure the business idea is practical and then carefully work out product functionality, routes to market and investment options. We can also help support investment proposals and make introductions to suitable funding bodies. We would then build prototypes and initial stage products to allow the business to reach its next operational goal. At this point, the business is viable and can continue with just occasional guidance from Open Frequency.

WardWatch is a web and mobile platform that changes access to clinical learning by allowing real time training opportunities for doctors. This is done by allowing medical students and staff to see the best places to access clinical learning opportunities in hospitals to help facilitate ongoing learning and professional development in the medical sector.

United Art is a commercial artwork leasing platform with the UK's largest portfolio of contemporary limited edition prints and original artworks available for lease to businesses. Whether it is for receptions, meeting spaces or individual offices, United Art can supply a selection of pieces to match any business, any decor, and any budget.