You did it! Your product has been validated and your customers are eager to use it, now all you have to do is simultaneously scale your business and your team while maintaining the product quality that users have come to expect.

At Open Frequency we have a wide range of services aimed at helping you grow your business in a sustainable manner. Whether it be supplementing product development, screening potential candidates or making your brand look as beautiful as the service is great, we’re here to help.

Our company has been working with Open Frequency for the past few years. Over that time their team has developed an exceptional platform which not only delivered on spec, but gives our team the ability to manage many changes to make bespoke to the needs of our customers.

- Kirsten Lord -
(Founder & Chief Clinical Officer - PhysioWizard)

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Progressing from Start-up to Scale-up can be an exciting but daunting experience. You must maintain the momentum of development, while building a solid in-house core team. Very often this has to be done without the expertise to ensure that you are bringing the correct people onboard and not just candidates who can talk the talk.

At Open Frequency we retain a strong in-house team of only the best developers to keep your project moving forward at pace. At the same time our experienced tech and design leads will help to navigate the jobs market, helping you to craft the exceptional jobs listings to attract the candidates you desire, as well as support you in the interview and pre-employment test processes.

Once an idea has been proven (ideally with an MVP), it’s time to move on to full development. This is a radically different ball game compared to early stage development. The focus shifts from feature development to scalability. Supporting a hundred users is significantly different from supporting a million and more.

At Open Frequency we combat these problems by thinking about scalability right from the start - from using scalable architecture models to the development of automated test harnesses that will allow us to identify bottlenecks before they become an issue. And of course we’re there for you to help with customer requests, updates and feature rollouts even after your initial launch.

Branding says a lot about a company and can very often be the first exposure a potential customer has to your business. We understand that, especially in new ventures, you need to keep costs low and therefore perhaps consider professional branding currently out of reach, however that need not be the case. At Open Frequency we offer a range of personalised packages to suit both your needs and budget to ensure your company always looks professional.

Whether you are a new venture or an established brand that thinks it's time for a refresh, our experienced design team at Open Frequency can help. We will work to fully understand your company’s objectives, values and vision to craft a stunning corporate identity which successfully communicates them to your customers.

As we all know building your product is only half of the story, even before development is complete it is vitally important to have the ability to sell it. Whether that be marketing to customers or pitching to investors the quality of your marketing materials will play a crucial role in people’s perception of the quality of your product.

At Open Frequency our experienced team of designers can aid you by producing the highest quality marketing materials ensuring your sales team have everything they need to get your product in the hands of eager recipients. Whether it be promotional videos, print & digital graphic design, presentation templates or even interactive marketing experiences, we can and have done it all.

It’s not uncommon for Software and IT Projects to run into difficulties; constantly missed deadlines, a project taking longer than it should or a product that’s unfit for purpose. All too often these problems can bring a premature end to a promising project or business. That’s why Open Frequency offers an extensive Project Rescue service.

Open Frequency have a positive, proactive approach to development and have taken over a number of projects facing difficulties and turned them around. If Open Frequency takes on your project we will combine well tested Agile methodologies and the newest and most appropriate technologies for your project to develop a long lasting, scalable piece of software.

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We understand you may not need all of the services on offer or may wish to combine services from both packages. We will work with you to identify the key services which have maximum impact on your business.

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