Starting a new tech business is an exciting endeavour, nevertheless there are a myriad of challenges and pitfalls which can trip up even the most eager of founders.

At Open Frequency we’re here to guide and support you through the beginning stages of your new venture and ensure solid foundations for your technology to be built upon. We understand that resources can be tight when first starting out and are keen advocates of the lean development methodology. In our experience approaching any new venture utilising this methodology ensures that time and money are appropriately focused, while keeping investment low enough to allow you to pivot your technology to your user’s needs. Most importantly however it means shorter development sprints resulting in your product getting into the hands of early adopters quicker.

The Open Frequency team took a real interest in our project. They worked alongside us to deliver exactly what we needed.

- Alastair Cozens -
(Founder & CEO - SiLCK Clinical)

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When it comes to product design we at Open Frequency follow one simple mantra; “Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” At the beginning of any new venture it can be easy to be so enamoured by a proposed solution that we can often neglect to spend the appropriate amount of time understanding and prioritising the problem we intend on solving. Solutions are attractive to focus on as they are easier to talk about that problems. Where focusing on the solution fails however is that the approach tends to be rigid, meaning that it doesn't invite the new thinking or curiosity into the discussion required to develop truly disruptive products.

As part of your development journey with Open Frequency we will take you through a number of workshops to help you better understand your problem, target audience and product iteration all guided by the principles of design thinking.

Software Development can be an expensive undertaking, often requiring external funding or investment. The best way to sell your idea is to provide a demonstrator of the complete product.

At Open Frequency we utilise a wide range of technologies such as Marvel App, Invision and Adobe XD to develop a prototype you can use to sell your concept to great effect. This will allow funding partners to have a hands-on experience with it without a single line of code needing to be written.

Prototyping can also be used to help identify any potential UX issues at the concept stage rather than during development thereby saving you time and money.

Crafting exceptional user experiences through a synergy between technical and artistic disciplines is a demanding and highly skilled challenge which has become a major strength at Open Frequency. This is due to our history of solving the complex technical and creative problems within game development.

We have become adept at creating a solid core functionality within our projects, providing smooth user interaction, and then expanding on the development to bring the entire project vision into a coherent whole. Putting this theory into practice involves piecing together a functional prototype quickly, allowing for heavy iteration, and then building upon these foundations. At Open Frequency we have become exceptionally skilled at rapid prototyping.

When it comes to evaluating the feasibility of a solution, nothing beats putting it out on the market and in the hands of actual users. Building a Minimum (Commercially) Viable Product is the ideal means to achieve this – develop the smallest possible feature set needed and then iterate based on actual, real world customer feedback. No more guessing what customers want means leaner development, less waste and ultimately a lower burn rate. Many agencies will try to sell you an MVP, but often this is not something a customer will buy – that is why we always focus on the “commercial” part of an MV(C)P.

And because we always look beyond the next deadline, we will not only develop a product that works, but one that is already built with flexibility and scalability in mind. Nothing is worse than finding out you have a great product that customers love and then having to start from scratch because your solution doesn’t scale. Here at Open Frequency we will make sure this won’t happen.

Visibility on the web in today’s world is a fundamental requirement of any business or product. Unfortunately, throughout our years working with (and as!) start-ups and scale-ups we have come across many instances of large agencies using predatory tactics to lock companies into initially cheap simple websites with no control and then charging extortionate day rates to make even the simplest of changes.

At Open Frequency we see our clients as partners not customers. As such we endeavour to ensure that the solutions we provide are correct for your needs and not what we can use to extract more money from you. Regarding websites, that means if a custom build is what you need we can do that, but if a site built using a website builder (such SquareSpace or Weebly) offers a more affordable solution while providing you more autonomy to maintain it yourself then we will also do that. We’ll even provide you with some basic training so that you don’t can keep your site up to date without having to worry about incurring additional development costs.

We know how difficult it can be to secure funding, especially for start-ups. Finding the right sources of funding, packaging your proposition properly and presenting it effectively can be a real challenge. That’s why Open Frequency works with our partners to help them secure the funding they need to complete the development of their product.

Open Frequency has a network of long term relationships with a variety of public and private funding bodies that we make use of for our partners' benefit.

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We understand you may not need all of the services on offer or may wish to combine services from both packages. We will work with you to identify the key services which have maximum impact on your business.

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