IbisVision (Ring of Sight)

Project Overview

Ring of Sight is a unique visual field test designed for the early detection of glaucoma, and follow-up care. The application is deployed remotely and complemented by ‘off-the-shelf’ hardware peripherals including a screen, tablet and laptop/PC (for browser based application access).

Ring of Sight addresses many existing pain points with current equipment, such as general discomfort and lack of portability making it unsuitable for home visits and mass screening particularly in areas with infrastructure issues  and limited access to high-end medical hardware.

The Ring of Sight is designed for use by optometrists, eye surgeons and hospital clinics both in the developed and in the developing world where, because of its low cost and portability will prove invaluable. Future development includes a ‘home’ version for use by patients in their own environment.

Over time additional eye tests will be added to the suite further enhancing the Ring of Sight proposition.

With global demand for a low cost, portable field test Ring of Sight is ideally situated to deliver a solution to this market.

Even health professionals who have an existing method of field testing recognise Ring of Sight as an enhancement for many reasons – not least of which is that it is preferred by patients.

Our Work

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We have been working with the Open Frequency team for a number of years, They provide a exceptional service and have impeccable attention to detail which reflects in there work. From initial concept to delivery the whole process is smooth and painless.

Justin Birley
(Service Director)